At the core, this is meant to be a coming together. Like a wild daisy field. Less an orderly working out of the frayed and frazzled edges of the tapestry of my psyche, and more a celebration of what emerges when I am ok letting the edges settle as they will.

In these pages are song lyrics, poems, thoughts, reflections, and snippets of the various run-on and half-formed thoughts that gather at the overlapping edges. As you follow some of the woven stories of my life, you will see that threads of other lives l’ve come into contact with are woven in as well. Right now you, too, are being woven in. We are all so much closer than we think.

So here is our daisy chain, the weaving together of our lives and our stories, as we journey the circle of life.

Promoting healing, equity, and liberation through song, Spirit and word.

I am a cultural strategist, educator, and artist. My practice is rooted in a deep and embodied commitment to transformative social justice. I enjoy exploring ways to decolonize expressions of faith, knowledge, and creative production, and I aim to cultivate spaces where others can do the same. Let us make the world a safer, braver, space — caring for ourselves and for one another while we grow.