Daisy Chains: Self Published ebook

At the core, this is meant to be a coming together. Like a wild daisy field. Less an orderly working out of the frayed and frazzled edges of the tapestry of my psyche, and more a celebration of what emerges when I am ok letting the edges settle as they will.

In these pages are song lyrics, poems, thoughts, reflections, and snippets of the various run-on and half-formed thoughts that gather at the overlapping edges. As you follow some of the woven stories of my life, you will see that threads of other lives l’ve come into contact with are woven in as well. Right now you, too, are being woven in. We are all so much closer than we think.

So here is our daisy chain, the weaving together of our lives and our stories, as we journey the circle of life.

Academic Work

Fletcher, Allegra. (2022). “The Art of Belonging: Exploring the Impact of the Garífuna on Honduran Culture and Identity” in A. Cuyler, Arts Management, Cultural Policy, & the African Diaspora. Palgrave Macmillan. https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-85810-0

Brown, M., Brais, H. and Fletcher, A., (2019, September). Moves Toward Equity: Perspectives from Arts Leaders of Color. Retrieved March 19, 2020 from https://bit.ly/2vAMRY1.

Original Music

Sabbath in the City: a Creative Spiritual Resource

I developed this resource in the Spring 2022 semester of my role as a Graduate Research Assistant at Boston University School of Theology.

The “Creative Callings” project is inspired by the ongoing efforts of the
School of Theology, particularly the Center for Practical Theology, to
consider the role that calling, or vocation, plays in the lives of individuals
and congregations. I hope it supports many in rest.